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Indiana calls itself the crossroads of America, and Bloomington is the heart of that intersection. We’re a notoriously blue dot in a notoriously red state. We’re home to basketball fanatics and granola connoisseurs, techies and farmers, students and townies, Tibetan monks and Hoosier folks. We could be home for you!


Remote work is awesome, but you’ve got a whole life to live. If you love your remote job, but you want to live where you can connect to community and thrive outside of the job, apply for the Bloomington Remote program! We’ve put together some bennies to smooth your transition. Nope, we’re not offering cash. Bloomington offers you something richer: an oustanding quality of life.


Bloomington is full of cool, smart people doing interesting things. Join us!


Nature is lush here. We get out into it every chance we get, and we take care to protect it.


Bike, hike, swim, sail. Golf, shoot hoops, play tennis. Karate, hockey, pickleball. Yes, we play!


Culture, dining, sports, nature: it’s all within reach here. Spend life living, not driving.

It’s easy to take this abundance for granted when you live in it every day. Bloomington is still a small city (85,000-ish with 30,000 college students). We’ve got room for a few friends.

Life is pretty sweet here. You should try it.


Not to brag (wink), but Bloomington has one of the most highly educated populations in the nation. Indiana University is the home of world-class programs from informatics to opera. You don’t have to be a student to stroll through its gorgeous campus or attend a cultural event, performance, or talk.


Bloomington is full of interesting, creative people who keep bringing us new ideas, new flavors, and new styles. Life is laid back here. Explore it at your own pace. Be weird, or be normal. Just be kind, and be you.


We love the arts! We really, really love them. From graffiti to opera, stage to film, comic books to poetry, cute hand-made felt animals to serious art installations, it’s all here. Performances, festivals, co-ops, craft markets, gallery walks: there is always something creative to explore.


Three beautiful lakes. Acres of forest. Rolling hills of farmland. This is a green place, in every sense of the word. We were the first city in Indiana to receive Tree City USA designation. We’ve earned LEED Certification. We’ve got a history of organic co-ops and farming communes, and we’re commited to building a sustainable future.


You know it’s football season in Bloomington when restaurants are packed with fans in red sweaters. Basketball? We’ve got a serious case of March Madness. Cycling? Little 500 Weekend in spring, the Hilly Hundred in fall. Pro sports? Indianapolis is just an hour away. Oh yeah, there’s also that little race called the Indy 500!


Bloomington loves to eat! We nosh on tenderloin sandwiches as big as your head, sweet corn in summer, and persimmon pudding in fall. We go for tamales and pad Thai, lamb tikka and bibimbap, vegan donuts and artisanal popsicles, international cuisine and county fair corndogs. We drink local IPA and local gin, hot and cold brew, local wine and mocktails, kombucha and green tea.


We’re home to the Lotus World Music Festival and the Jacobs School of Music, Opera, and Ballet Theater, one of the world’s finest music schools. In Bloomington you can catch a cutting-edge production like “The Revolution of Steve Jobs,” explore Mongolian throat singing, or simply enjoy live bluegrass while hunting for the perfect tomatoes at the farmer’s market.


We’ll be frank: we’re not paying people to move here. We want you to move here because Bloomington is a great place to live and remote work. The real payoff is happiness and finding a place to call home!

What we will do is help you get plugged in, fast! We’ll give you the insider’s tour. We’ll show you the sweet spots. We’ll be there when you need recommendations for a babysitter, a great bike trail, or a place to take your folks to breakfast when they visit. Most of all, we’ll welcome you into an amazing cowork community, full of friendly, smart people like you.

  • Three-year full-time membership to The Mill, an iconic coworking space
  • Concierge access to entrepreneurial programming & resources
  • Ambassador network of locals to help you get connected
  • Season tickets to Constellation Stage + Screen
  • Free networking events and happy hours with other remote workers and civic & business leaders
  • Connections to local nonprofits
  • Connections to banking services, loans, and credit deals


  • Residents with bachelor’s degree or higher 55% 55%
  • Human Rights Commission’s Municipal Equality Index score (for nine years running!) 100% 100%
  • Cost of living compared to national average 87% 87%






Surprised that Indiana’s got tech game? There’s life outside the legacy tech hubs. Check out this article on “7 Reasons to Relocate or Expand Your Business in Indiana.” The featured story is about a tech CEO relocating to Bloomington. (PS: He’s a member of The Mill, the coworking space where Bloomington Remote offers you a lifetime membership! In 2023, Fast Company recognized The Mill as one of nine small organizations that are the Best Workplaces for Innovators across the US.)


The Goldilocks factor is when you get it just right. Not the biggest, not the hottest, just the best fit. Bloomington’s a fit when you want a small city as Jay Baer described it when he moved here: “Not ‘there goes Cletus, everybody knows he’s faking that back injury’ small, but certainly a manageable size where you know your neighbors and have a shared sense of purpose.”


We make top 10 and top 20 lists all the time, for a whole bunch of reasons: affordable cost of living; rich cultural attractions; great food; moderate weather; healthy life styles; access to trails; on and on. Read about Bloomington’s Q of L here, and here, and here, plus great places to visit here and here.


Bloomington is full of what we call Makers & Shakers: people doing interesting, creative stuff. Sometimes it’s art; sometimes it’s tech; sometimes it’s about food, or community, or both. Read a few profiles on some of the creative entrepreneurs you might meet in and around The Mill.


Look, we’re a work in progress. We’re a blue dot in a red state, and we don’t always get it right, and we don’t always agree—but we care. We care about social justice, the environment, health, and the future we’re building together. We want you to be part of it, and we’ve saved a place at the table for you.


When you live in the heart of the country, everything is within reach. You can drive almost anywhere in a day, or just head up to Indianapolis and the best international airport in the country, according to multiple rating organizations and travel publications. And because life isn’t crazy expensive here, you can actually afford to travel.